Our Brand

Here at 1556 Furniture our goal is to deliver the best quality products to all of our customers. Whether it is an item from our shop or a custom piece.

Who We Are

1556 Furniture by KJH is the long time dream of its founder, K Hernandez. Since high school, K has been breaking barriers and making a name for not only herself but for all women in male dominated industries. K has been in the carpentry industry for 15 years and throughout her time she has built everything from a house, to a bed, to the coaster that could be found holding your glass.

K is now taking her skills and using them to create one of a kind pieces that will be sure to impress your friends and family. By using only the best, locally sourced materials, K is able to design and build exactly what each client is looking for. With the help of her wife Hailey and a few others, K is able to bring her products to different locations and even a store front!

We welcome you to 1556 Furniture!

  • What We Offer

    • Custom Home Goods & Decor
    • Custom Furniture
    • Refinishing Furniture
    • Indoor & Outdoor Games 
    • Home Repairs